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 OK; I need a woman's thoughts on this one
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Posted - 08/08/2007 :  06:56:24  Show Profile Send diricawl a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have an unoffical hobby of trawling the net for anti-Rowling conspiracy theories and then attempting to debunk them. This one I don't feel qualified to answer. What do you girls think?

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As to the avatar, well, if you girls can all have Alan Rickman...

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Posted - 08/08/2007 :  08:31:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Oh, good grief!

What surprises me most is that the journalist seems to think we should care. That, and the assumption that women can't look better in their forties than they did in their thirties. Many ordinary women certainly do. (I think I do.) Everyone ages differently, depending on their circumstances. Jo's circumstances have improved dramatically since her eary thirties. No wonder she has better skin and less puffy eyes. Even for the everyday woman, a healthy diet, good sleep, and a happy life do a lot more for their looks than plastic surgery ever could.

Jo clearly takes care of herself, but she still looks like a forty-year old woman to me, albeit a very pretty one. And she looks real, too. A lot of celebrities lose the real look when they have plastic surgery and botox. Jo still has her quirky crooked smile, and her eyes still crinkle when she laughs. Even if she's had a little work done (who knows, who cares?), it hasn't really changed her that much. I'm very happy for her, regardless.

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Posted - 08/08/2007 :  11:22:13  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Now matter what her look is, she still looks like Ellen Barkin to me. Always has!

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Posted - 08/08/2007 :  21:56:31  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Personally, I think that if she wants to undergo plastic surgery, the more power to her. It's her face and it's her call.

But, really those pictures don't prove anything. There is nothing saying under which circumstances the pictures were taken. All kinds of things could explain the difference in appearance: tiredness, bad/different makeup, lighting, etc. It wouldn't be hard for the author of the article to search for specific pictures to prove his point. Given the background of the most recent picture, I'm guessing it's at the premier of OotP or some other similar event. So obviously she's going to be "dolled up". Also, in 2000, if you had asked me who J.K Rowling was, I wouldn't have had a clue, and I don't think many other people would have either - at least, not as many as now. I'd read the books at that point but didn't really take notice of the author. Since then, she's become one of, if not the most famous author in the world, as well as one of the richest people in the world, giving her more reason to look her best at public events. But this doesn't necessarily mean it's plastic surgery.

As to whether or not she's had it, I can't say. But, as Pixie said, she does look her age - fantastic, but still her age. Anyway, my point is that those pictures only captured a millisecond of the year they are representing, and we have no idea what was going on at that time.

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Posted - 08/11/2007 :  22:06:16  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
i clicked on this topic because i thought for once diri was posting about a love-relationship problem.. and it was the plastic surgery thread

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Posted - 08/12/2007 :  09:01:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You know, when I was in my early 20's, I thought plastic surgery wouldn't be a bad idea if I could afford it (big nose). Since then, everything else has grown enough that my nose doesn't bother me any more. I don't mind the smile lines, either, because everybody looks good when they smile ... who cares about a few wrinkes? I do get a little furrow on one side of my upper lip when I sleep with that side of my face on the pillow. That one I don't like so much, but it usually goes away in a few hours. I suppose if I were a billionaire attending a movie premiere, I might see what could be done about it. Until then, no worries.

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Posted - 08/20/2007 :  15:08:59  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I am always amazed at how the media find it interesting to report about other people's skin. I have no idea about this plastic surgery thingy. Maybe JKR is just using better cosmetic products nowadays than she did before?

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