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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Siobhan Posted - 05/08/2007 : 18:00:36
I don't know how many of us are knitters, but I thought I'd post this information as it is HP.

A new knitting book of Harry Potter patterns by Alison Hanssel is now available. Her pulbishers have made one of the patterns available on line for free download and the blog is running a charity knit along for Warm Woolies.

This is the author's blog (with a Weasley Sweater pattern):
30   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Siobhan Posted - 05/23/2010 : 16:28:43
Consuelo frogged and redone for last winter.
Lotus Blossom tank finished and ready to wear.
Princess lace tank finished and ready to wear.
Cotton lace tee ready to block and construct.
Drape neck tank in deep teal knit in the round, finished and worn.

Current projects:
Rowan kidsilk Haze swing back shrug/cardi in plummy rose.
White cotton lace cardi.
Violent purple driving gloves.
Green mandarin style jacket.

Next up:
Ribbon yarn sleeveless tunic.
Deep green wool jacket.
Yellow cotton peasant style tee.

I've lots of other plans in the wings.
Siobhan Posted - 02/11/2009 : 11:11:55
Wow, it's been a long time since I updated this section!

Peacock Plumes has been finished for a while now.
Same with Cider House.
I'm working on a Lotus Blossom tank top, Consuelo from Debbie Bliss's Alpaca Silk, a lace shrug from Vogue Knitting, a lace pattern beaded choker, and some knitted flower accents I'm playing with.
There are also a few pieces of mending and reworking to do.

Never a dull moment!

Siobhan Posted - 02/14/2008 : 11:00:33
Fixed the row count, worked the armhole castoffs (this cardi is knit on circular needles-- no side seams) then decided I wanted the body a little longer. Had to rip and work another set of 16 rows and then rework the armhole castoffs. Am now back up to speed. I might have this one done in a couple of months.
Siobhan Posted - 01/31/2008 : 11:00:38
My needles attatch with a twist and snap. They don't require tightening. I imagine after a while they will cease to be tight enough so I'll have to think of something, but so far I've only had one come undone and that was because I hadn't fully twisted it into place.

So far I'm very pleased with my rework of the peacock plumes cardi. Realized last night (just before falling asleep) that I'd messed up my row count. Need to remember to fix that today while I'm thinking about it or I'll forget entirely.
Jokelly Posted - 01/30/2008 : 23:42:42
Siobhan, do you ever have trouble with the interchangable needles coming undone? I tighten them and they still come undone. I don't know if it's because I do it lefty or I just don't tighten enough.

I'm still making my dad's sweater. I have no time to work on it and told him I might have it done for summer. Someday it will be finished.
Siobhan Posted - 01/29/2008 : 23:41:03
Finished the first bracelet. There are three different patterns. I'm happy with it so far.

Am back to where I was before ripping on the peacock plumes cardi.

Cider House front is up to the armhole shaping.

All my lace projects are in holding patterns.
Siobhan Posted - 01/26/2008 : 22:38:35
Started a new small project. I found a pattern on for knitted wristwarmers/bracelets. This is my first attempt at beaded knitting. So far it is going fine. Hope I didn't just jinx it.
Siobhan Posted - 01/14/2008 : 12:22:33
Yea!!! I got a set of interchangeable circular needles for Christmas!! No more runs to the craft store for every new project! It seems like I never had the right size and length needle in my stash. Now I need to get more double pointed needles and a wool swift and I'll be set (honest, that'll be it-- really-- no I'm sure this time...).
Siobhan Posted - 01/04/2008 : 21:27:43
Frogged the Peacock Plumes cardi this morning (ripit, ripit). The model shows the plumes lined up over each other, but the pattern chart shifts them to alternate. I decided I really liked the lined up version best, so ripit, ripit.
Siobhan Posted - 11/18/2007 : 13:15:49
Found a lovely bit of wool Friday: Marisol's Miski. It's baby llama, which means soft, soft, soft. Reminds me a bit of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk. Will take the same kind of patterns-- lots of drape, loose-fitting, snuggly. I bought a soft pinky lavender heather, but was torn between it and the navy/black. Now what to make......

Oh, and yes, I've knitted with double strands. It's not hard, just be sure to keep your strands evenly tensioned. The one I worked on was a strand of mohair with a strand of rayon boucle. The mohair always wanted to cling to itself and the rayon wanted to be loose. They both loved to coil around each other, which wasn't bad, but did get a bit tight at times. Had to untwist and separate the two repeatedly. Nice effect though.
Siobhan Posted - 11/01/2007 : 11:02:37
So I've finished sewing the Chinese sweater together (still need to do the collar). I tried it on last night. Finally, a project that turned out really well and virtually headache free!

The Atacama Peacock Plume cardi got off to a rocky start. Had troubly wrapping my head around the pattern at first, partly because I missed a knit together and partly because nowhere did it mention that the pattern appears to shift as you work. The markers for the pattern repeats shift to the left two stitches with every patterned row. How hard is it to mention that in instructions? Oh well, it is working well now and that's all that matters. I'll have to note it on the pattern myself, though, for future reference.

Wonder if Myf ever finished her cardi?
Jokelly Posted - 10/19/2007 : 18:53:37
I've restarted my sweater. I put it away because I just didn't want to deal with matching the stripes on the sleeves, but I've learned not to do this again because I forgot the pattern and had to sit and try to remember how often I should decrease and what row I'm on. I'm about 80% done.

I'm forcing myself to work on it because I found a yarn that I fell in love with. It's a soft heathered dark teal. I'm thinking maybe a cardigan for this one. My only problem is that maybe it's too soft. I was thinking maybe of using it and knitting with two strands at once. Have you ever done this? On top of that I'm still working on my knitting loom panel in my pink Lion Suede. Still don't know what I'm going to make out of this. But I keep on plugging with it.

Siobhan Posted - 10/19/2007 : 10:48:24
Have decided on an Araucania Atacama (colourway 530) cardigan in a peacock feather lace stitch (pattern here: The gauge worked out beautifully! And the colours!!!!! I just love starting new projects.
Siobhan Posted - 10/17/2007 : 17:51:50
Wahoo!!! Finished off the front of my Inca Marl sweater. Now on to the sleeves!

Will soon finish sewing my Chinese sweater together. Then will be on to finishing the collar.

That's two projects nearly off the needle. Now to decide on replacements....

I've also started armhole shaping on my Cider House turtleneck. Actually, I considering making it just a mock turtle-- real ones are just too hot for Charleston.

The latest lace piece is still in its holding pattern. Just have to think about it a little more. I've added stitches and the pattern is confusing in itself. Having the graph ought to help, though.

Siobhan Posted - 09/16/2007 : 21:20:02
Well the cedar I already have plenty of-- sunlight too for that matter. Does it work for carpet beetles, though?
I have a wool carpet that was supposed to be treated chemically against the little beasts, but it has been chewed mercilessly (this is unrelated to the sweater).
Starling Posted - 09/14/2007 : 07:16:54
Find a cedarwood box (preferably red cedar). The smell of the wood "hides" the wool from moths, and the red cedar can kill larvae. Also hang anything you've been working on in bright sunlight for a while before you pack it away.
Siobhan Posted - 09/13/2007 : 10:33:52
Anybody got any sure fire moth/carpet beetle repellants or killers?
One of the sweaters I've been working on has already been chewed-- and not by the rabbit. It's really heartbreaking. The sweater was ready to be sewn together. Now I have to sit down and try to work in a patch.
Jokelly Posted - 09/12/2007 : 16:37:54
It's a neat thing. If you google knitting boards you can get instructions, but I was lucky that the instructions were actually in the box. It's not necessarily any quicker than hand-knitting, but I'm getting a much more even double knit (single knit/purl ribbing) than if I'd do it by hand. It's also good because there is no left or right handedness to it and I can teach my neice, who is having trouble learning because I'm a lefty knitter and she's right-handed, to use it.

Siobhan Posted - 09/12/2007 : 11:02:15
Lucky duck! Whenever I find things like that in closets, there aren't any instructions-- either that or they are poorly translated from Japanese (one of the reasons I got rid of my grandmother's knitting machine).
Jokelly Posted - 09/11/2007 : 20:25:33
I decided to try out the knitting board I found in the closet with my Lion Suede yarn since I was having a hard time finding the right tension with hand knitting it. So far it's working out pretty well. It's a double knitting so the the front and back look like the stockinette stitch. You can also use it so it's circular or regular stockinette, but I wanted to try the basic instructions first. I don't know if I'm going to make it into a shawl or use it as a panel for an afghan. We'll see after I get more done.
Siobhan Posted - 09/05/2007 : 14:33:29
I've been ripping and reknitting.
One of the projects I had finished turned out too tight (or too tight for my liking). So I've ripped it all out and am starting over. This time I'm knitting in black banding on the all leaf green jacket. Started with a sleeve. The sleeves and sides have slits in them, so the banding adds a nice touch. So far it looks stunning, even though I'm a little tired of the project.

I really shoud get Daughter to take some pictures for me to post.
Jokelly Posted - 09/05/2007 : 12:29:34
I found a knitting loom in the closet I was cleaning. I had no idea it was there! Evidently it was my mom's from the 70s and called an 'Irish Knitter'. I'll have to use it and see how it works.
Jokelly Posted - 08/22/2007 : 21:02:43
Starting is much more fun for me also. I putter out when I get to the end of things. I still have part of one sleeve left to do on my sweater. It isn't even that much, but I have to color match the variegation and I've been avoiding it. Maybe this week I'll force myself to do it.

I haven't been doing much knitting lately. My newest project is a miniature roombox set in a paper mache book. I'm doing a gentleman's library. I've got the book cover done, but I'm waffling between one inch or half-inch scale. I'll start a new thread when I get pictures.
Siobhan Posted - 08/22/2007 : 18:42:03
I've got two sweaters nearly finished! I'm about half way done with the second sleeve of one and about to start the sleeves of the other. It feels soooooo gooooood to be nearing the ends of these projects and the beginning of my next ones. Starting is much more fun for me. I enjoy the pawing through patterns and my yarn bags for just the right match, sitting down and figuring the gauge, and picking up my needles and casting on that first row.
Siobhan Posted - 08/15/2007 : 17:41:23
I had that trouble when I first tried knitting with the Lion Chenille Thick and Quick. It requires you to change your tension a little because the yarn is so plush.
Jokelly Posted - 08/14/2007 : 11:16:50
I have to pick my sweater back up and finish it. It just got so hot there for a few weeks to do anything. I just have to finish the bottom of the sleeve off.

I do not like knitting with Lion Suede. I can't get the tension right so it will flow easily. My gauge is right on with the yarn and I'm using the recommended needle size, but it's giving me a bit of a fight. I'm going to try it with the knitting machine and if it works in it, then I'm going to use it for it. I decided not to do the blanket right now and try a shawl. I got about 18 rows in and ripped it all out. I had some uneven stitches that were driving me nuts. If it doesn't work in the knitting machine, then it's getting banished to the bottom of the yarn pile for awhile.

Siobhan Posted - 08/14/2007 : 10:56:52
I just got the most delicious yarn!!!!

Classic Elite Inca Marl! It's 100% alpaca and soft, soft, soft (not as soft as a bunny, of course ). I can't wait to get started on my next knitting project. Unfortunately I have four in progress at the moment, so I have to finish at least one before starting the next.
Siobhan Posted - 08/09/2007 : 14:29:36
Did anyone notice the cute sweaters in Order of the Phoenix? The one Luna was wearing when she and Harry were discussing Thestrals in the forest was so cute! I wish they'd distribute patterns, but then again, that's what DVD's and screencaps are for, right? I spend a lot of time drawing out my favourite costumes from paused DVD screens and still photos. Now I can't wait for the DVD to come out.
Jokelly Posted - 07/30/2007 : 12:35:38
I've figured out one project I'm going to do with my suede yarn stash. I'm going to make an afghan with the teal and rose. Here are the colors:

It's kind of a loud combination, but the colors in person look really nice together and would be good for a teens room. My niece will end up getting it probably. I'm going to do the following pattern:

Row 1: Knit (teal)
Row 2: Purl (teal)
Row 3: Knit (rose)
Row 4: Knit (rose)

It comes out as a teal green afghan with rose ridge striping. I did a test square last night and it looked good. I'll probably add a teal border after it's all done. I was a little worried about carrying the thread up the sides, but it worked out really well. Now I just have to find out what dimensions I want and do a test gauge.
Siobhan Posted - 07/29/2007 : 18:33:14
I've knit a number of them on straight needles, but there's no reason you couldn't do them twisted on circular needles. It means the rows will be running lengthwise of the piece instead of widthwise.

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