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T O P I C    R E V I E W
dobbygirl Posted - 06/17/2006 : 18:44:42
This is a tradition on our boards. It's really rather simple too. I'll post a question, then the next person who responds will answer the question I asked, then post one of their own for the next person to answer...and so on. It's really fun and you get to know you fellow posters better.

The first question:

Are these new boards rockin' or what?
30   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
diricawl Posted - 04/29/2008 : 04:39:37
In my last term of high school I had to type up all of my lab reports, since I hadn't bothered to do it at any time in the previous two years. I think I got about three hours of sleep a night for about two weeks. When it was over I fell asleep at 4 PM and woke up 12 hours later.

Would America be a less violent place if it had nicer wallpaper?
Siobhan Posted - 04/28/2008 : 22:50:42
Dreamland. I remember sleep... I used to do it every night. Now I'm stuck in a (seemingly) Neverending Campout worthy of DH. Oh, how I wish it was Friday already!

What's the longest stretch of time you have gone without sleep?
Bee Posted - 04/28/2008 : 18:47:33
Sri Lanka. IIRC it took about 14 hours of flying spread over two flights. I'm not one for geography, so I track distance in air miles. :)

What's your dream travel destination?
diricawl Posted - 04/28/2008 : 10:49:13
A couple times. Been to the Canyon and Meteor Crater, and to the petrified forest.

Where is the farthest from home you've ever travelled?
Wildchild Posted - 04/23/2008 : 12:08:06
I can't believe I watched that whole thing. EVIL.

Have you ever been to Arizona?
diricawl Posted - 04/09/2008 : 04:30:27
Actually good this morning. Sun's bright; sky's clear. But it's coooold.

Is this the most evil song ever or what?
Cour_Delafleur Posted - 04/08/2008 : 19:54:41
Not at all. I know there are a lot who would disagree with me, but I only think it works because of the placebo effect.

How's the weather?

diricawl Posted - 04/08/2008 : 12:26:44
Not really. The only one I'm really looking forward to is Hellboy II: The Golden Army, and that's only because I really like Guillermo del Toro.

In answer to Pixie, no. I hate everything about airplanes.

Are you into homeopathy?
Siobhan Posted - 04/08/2008 : 10:38:26
I've seen them at the Seattle Science Center-- definitely UGLY! *shudders*

I don't remember too many TV series in particular that weren't reruns/sydicated, but I remember the news reports about Vietnam (actually what I remember is the funny shaped blob that was the map they showed over the shoulder of the announcer).

Are you looking forward to any of the movies set to come out this spring/summer?
n/a Posted - 04/08/2008 : 10:36:18
Ugly, but interesting.

Do you enjoy flying on an airplane?
diricawl Posted - 04/08/2008 : 04:40:21
Wow. It would have to be something from the early eighties. Three's Company? Not sure.

Naked mole rats: cute or ugly?
AMC Posted - 04/07/2008 : 23:31:28

What's the oldest TV show you can remember watching in its original broadcast (TVLand doesn't count)?
Siobhan Posted - 04/07/2008 : 18:16:12
Nuggy has been out of touch for almost a year now, I think. Diri tried to get in contact with her when DH came out, but I don't think he had any luck.
I think Starling was on just a week or two ago. She didn't post, though.

Ever see "Rex the Runt"?
*Rex the Runt, Rex the Runt, the bobbledy, wobbledy, dribbledy, squiggledy, wiggledy dog!*
JKRisSuperior Posted - 04/07/2008 : 17:16:08
Good question. I check here several times a day. I guess people are busy with work and school.

Has anyone heard anything from Newguise and StarlingUK? They've been absent for months.
Siobhan Posted - 04/07/2008 : 15:55:53
*sneeze, Sneeze, SNEEZE*
Only if you're taking antihistamines!

Where is everybody????
n/a Posted - 04/07/2008 : 12:14:44
I do if I can, because purchased CDs nicer and easier than the ones I burn myself, and I like to have CDs for devices that are not iPod compatible. It's a lot easier to copy CDs into iTunes than to burn CDs from it.

Have you gotten the first whiff of spring (or fall) air yet? Isn't it wonderful?
Cour_Delafleur Posted - 03/31/2008 : 10:21:55
My house only has a Nintendo64 so the only games we play are Super Smash Brothers or 007. None of us are really gamers.

Do you still buy CD's?
diricawl Posted - 03/31/2008 : 05:14:00
No. Those places scare the living hell out of me. They're like being trapped in a forest made of bits of music videos.

What video games are you playing?
Cour_Delafleur Posted - 03/31/2008 : 00:06:22

Are you part of a social network (Facebook, MySpace, etc.)?
n/a Posted - 03/16/2008 : 10:50:49
My daughter ran her car out of gas and we had to go rescue her.

Do you like sweet foods for breakfast, or savory ones?
Bee Posted - 03/08/2008 : 09:31:12
No, but I took up going to Mass every Sunday because I hadn't been attending regularly in a good while.

What's the most interesting thing to have happened in your life this week?
SweetPea Posted - 03/07/2008 : 22:13:43
I had a really lovely pair of black high heels. Sadly, I wore them until they broke.

Did you give up anything for Lent?
n/a Posted - 03/07/2008 : 13:04:27
No. Biographies tend to be a little too agenda-driven for my taste.

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?
diricawl Posted - 03/05/2008 : 18:13:25
I am pretty crazy anyway so I don't really need to dare myself. I usually find out I've done something crazy when someone tells me after a prolonged silence.

Read anyone's biography recently?
Siobhan Posted - 03/05/2008 : 14:24:06
Husband says "dust."

I collect rabbits-- afterall one can't have just two bunnies. Just about everything I own has a rabbit (or rabbit fluff) on it somewhere.

Have you ever dared yourself to do something "crazy"?
Jokelly Posted - 03/05/2008 : 11:15:13
Yes, it is and it needs replaced.

Do you collect anything?

Cour_Delafleur Posted - 03/05/2008 : 08:59:21
Ummm... if you say so.

Is the room you are in carpeted?
JKRisSuperior Posted - 02/23/2008 : 15:43:35
I'd like to speak and write multiple languages.

Is it possible for a two month old human to head butt you, and the baby to have a bump and a bruise from head butting you?
Emmmma Posted - 02/09/2008 : 22:40:48
childhood right [qm].. i'm assuming 12 or younger... i don't know -maybe the pets i used to have then, an assortment of cats and dogs. now i don't have even one

any special talent you would like to have but don't [qm]
n/a Posted - 02/06/2008 : 17:49:00
That's one of those questions you can't answer until you find yourself in that situation.

But I'd have to be awfully hungry to eat an insect.

If you could bring back one element from your childhood, what would it be? (Toy, friend, TV show, etc.)

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