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T O P I C    R E V I E W
admin Posted - 06/10/2006 : 22:17:05
Relax with a cuppa and some chocolate.
30   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Jewlz Posted - 12/01/2010 : 02:55:54
Hey guys!
I noticed diri's list of natural disasters of the past year. I listed this in the welcome wagon thread a few weeks back, but I am currently in New Zealand on a working holiday visa and have been living in Christchurch for the past 5 months. I'll say this, the 7.1 earthquake that we had here was the worst wake up call I've ever had. It happened about 4:30 am, which I am so thankful for because alot of the buildings in the CBD collapsed, had the earthquake happened even a couple of hours earlier there would have been many causalties. A couple of my roommates took a walk around the city about an hour after the quake and got some really amazing shots of collapsed buildings, crushed cars, and just general debris before the whole downtown district was roped off. We've had over 3400 aftershocks, there are area's in the CBD which are still not accessible and some roads are still closed. Other than that things have been good! I'm really enjoying my time in New Zealand and am possibly staying for another year. I did get out to see Harry Potter with some roomates who are not huge fans like I am... But they loved the movie, as did I, thought it was really well done! Great to see some people still come back here!
diricawl Posted - 11/30/2010 : 20:30:04
I think we've got enough things to be annoyed about right now, like skyrocketing school tuition, to worry about Irish news priorities. Not that snow hasn't hijacked the media here as well. It finally snowed in London (or, since it never actually snows in London, slushed). Looked nice for exactly 2 minutes before it melted.
Bee Posted - 11/30/2010 : 13:23:02
diri, do you think our bailout buddies over in GB would be annoyed to know that we're so completely fascinated and distracted by the snow here that we've almost forgotten about that whole economy in the toilet thing? I'm watching the news right now, and so far they spent 20 minutes talking about snow, then they moved on to news of a TD's (MP's) rheumathoid arthritis, and only now are they getting around to the business of us being screwed. It didn't even make the main headlines! Maybe we've all just got IMF fatigue.

And now they've gone back to the weather. Ooh, snowflakes!
Siobhan Posted - 11/29/2010 : 22:22:07
"Well I'll be gobsmacked by a ghoul with goitre"
Oh Diri, that made my day!

Glad the child is OK.
sunsethill Posted - 11/29/2010 : 17:56:11
Wow, Diri. Time seems to rush on so quickly lately that I don't think I realized that all those disasters happened in just one year.

And I'm glad that your young friends will be fine.
diricawl Posted - 11/29/2010 : 16:25:31
Thankfully I got through to her mum this morning and apparently she's going to be fine. I can't tell you how relieved I am. :)

As far as natural disasters go, Britain's been fighting the elements a bit too; we Londoners have been told for days to expect snow, but it hasn't come yet, even though about half the island of Great Britain is currently whited out. Britain is the only country on Earth that is equally ill-prepared for every type of weather. If it snows half an inch, they run out of salt. If too many leaves fall, the trains shut down. If the sun stays out a few extra days, then say goodbye to your hose-water. If you must make a trip by public transport, then expect to freeze in winter and broil in summer as you wait on the platforms. To this day I have always pondered what sort of climate those in charge think Britain has.

It's funny (Well, not funny in a haha sort of way, funny in a "Well I'll be gobsmacked by a ghoul with goitre" sort of way) I have to make a list of notable events that occurred this year for Wikipedia and the one thing that struck me reviewing the year is that Earth seems pretty pissed off at us right now.

January: 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti. 230,000 dead.
February: 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile. Resultant tsunami kills 497.
April: 6.9 magnitude earthquake in Qinghai, China. 2000 dead.
Also April: Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland shuts down air traffic across Europe.
July: Flooding in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. 1600 dead.
October: Landslide in Oxaca, Mexico. at least 107 dead.
Also October: Earthquake and tsunami occur off Sumatra. 400 dead.
Also October: Mount Merapi in Java erupts. 240 dead.

and that's not counting the three plane crashes, the two military coups, the European financial crisis, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the possible start of World War III by North Korea.

It's a funny old world.
Siobhan Posted - 11/29/2010 : 12:59:36
So sorry, Diri! Having a child in hospital is really tough, even when you know to expect it.
sunsethill Posted - 11/29/2010 : 10:27:31
Originally posted by Siobhan

Sunset!!!!!! Sooo good to see you here! Was about you worried when all that flooding was going on in your area.

Wow! It's really nice that you thought of me, Siobhan, even after I went AWOL. We do live near a major river, the Middle Oconee River, but it didn't have any problems with flooding. Basically, the world would have to flood before we have problems here!

I will do my comments on your movie discussion in the proper folder. And I certainly understand how computer programs can get the better of you. I think I am getting old enough and crotchety enough that I'm rebelling against having to constantly learn new programs. My kids all use Facebook for everything now and I gave in and got an account--but I hate having to check it all the time! And I'm still fighting learning how to upload pictures.

A very sweet toddler who I love very much is ill in hospital and I don't know what to do about it. I called her mother but she was in a state of utter panic and couldn't wait for me to get off the phone. She told me she would call me when she got out of hospital, but that was more than 24 hours ago :(

Diri, I'm sorry to hear about this. I have been very fortunate as a mother that I haven't had to go through any major sicknesses with a child. I imagine your friend can't think right now. If you are close enough to go to the hospital, she might appreciate it if you just show up with some food or to sit with her if she doesn't have a lot of family. If she does have family supporting her, you might try calling one of them to get news and to find out what you can do to help.
diricawl Posted - 11/28/2010 : 18:50:58
A very sweet toddler who I love very much is ill in hospital and I don't know what to do about it. I called her mother but she was in a state of utter panic and couldn't wait for me to get off the phone. She told me she would call me when she got out of hospital, but that was more than 24 hours ago :(
Siobhan Posted - 11/28/2010 : 10:46:32
Sunset!!!!!! Sooo good to see you here! Was about you worried when all that flooding was going on in your area.

I haven't forgotten how to type, just how to moderate. The current movie board was accidentally deleted when I was attempting to edit the title-- very frustrating especially since it is not recoverable. After a couple of attempts to rewrite my review and discovering that my typing skills or perhaps the laptop touchpad were not cooperating, I decided to give it a rest. Then Thanksgiving was here, and I've not felt well enough to sit down at the computer and try to remember my key points. Since everyone who is anyone stops by here, I'll post my review on this topic and perhaps copy it into the movie area, too.

Here goes, DH review points, take three:


Better than the book, by far.
  • Campout pacing was much better. Had much less of a neverending feeling about it since the action kept moving on.
  • No coincidental meeting with Dean. Still met up with the Snatchers, but didn't have all the newsy catch up bit that felt so contrived.
  • Less use of polyjuice potion. By omitting just the one use (at the wedding), polyjuice seemed a slightly more valuable. Harry refusing to use it at Godric's Hollow adds to that and gives them a little more to use at Gringott's in the next movie. Hmmm... wonder if polyjuice has a shelf life.....
  • Ron's behaviour during the campout was better explained by establishing early on that the Horcrux was responsible for it. He was much less irritating in the movie, partially because his fit about Ginny was removed.
  • Much improved Hedwig's role by making her a sacrificial protector (foreshadowing Dobby's death AND symbolising Harry's passage into adulthood) than just the baggage in the sidecar. It made so much more sense from the start to let her fly free and then that she would do what she could to keep Harry safe. The senseless deaths in the book were the ones I objected to most.

Points of Bother:
  • Didn't like all the exposition about Bill after suddenly introducing him. They should have done a better job with that earlier on in the movies.
  • Likewise, the mirror shard was totally unexplained by the film, which makes Harry's use of it just plain odd. Anyone who has not read the books would be confunded (as was one of the talking idiots behind us in the cinema).
  • Dobby picking up wands all over the place was almost too bold a move for the character, I felt-- and having made his voice higher and squeakier, didn't help matters any
  • .

Other things I liked:
  • The very beginning of the film showing Hermione obliviating her parents put us (Daughter and me) in tears.
  • The Seven Harrys was done so well-- almost as well as all the Jack Sparrows in Davy Jones' locker.
  • Hermione saying she was always mad at Ron.
  • Kreacher and Dobby vying to tell Harry about catching Mundungus-- just because I liked Kreacher's outcome from the book, not because the movie explained that bit of the story in any way.

I think that's the gist of what I wrote previously. Now to post and copy successfully.......
sunsethill Posted - 11/27/2010 : 14:07:27
So, I popped in here today to get THE definitive discussion of the new movie (after disappearing for--looks sheepishly at "last date"--over a year) and expecting to be way behind the discussion since I just got to the movie yesterday, to find that all the Americans must have died of overindulgence or forgotten how to type.

I also heard great things about the movie and did enjoy it more than the previous movie--I mean after all, it would hard to be WORSE than the book. Is it really bad to admit that the major enjoyment came from seeing just how great Daniel Radcliffe looks now?

And did anyone else wonder if the director and writers got together and planned little scenes for all the HP shippers out there. I mean, we get our canon Harry/Ginny, some great Harry/Hermione, some sweet Harry/Luna, some angsty Harry/Draco, and next movie we get Harry/Snape. I've also already seen at least one Harry/Xeno story, with several folks going on about the surprising casting for Luna's father.

I don't spend much time talking about HP anymore, but I do still spend WAY too much time reading fanfiction. After the disaster of DH, I have really been ODing on A/U stories and lots of crossovers. Anything to get Harry out the canon wizarding world.

diricawl Posted - 11/25/2010 : 03:59:01
Cammy tops 'em both in unearned income though.
Bee Posted - 11/24/2010 : 17:11:32
gimu, so that's where Marty ended up! I used to listen to him on 2FM before they dumped him. Might check out Lyric.

diri, I'm pretty much avoiding UK news media as it's all highly embarrassing. That said, the UK wouldn't bother bailing us out if it wasn't in its national interest. Fact is, if our economy fails, there will be big consequences for the UK. Unfortunately for you guys over there, our economy is inextricably linked to yours. Plus, it's not like we won't have to pay it back... somehow. Cheers for the £7bn though! Maybe ye should just pop over and take over again - I'd love a day off for the royal wedding.

The four-year austerity plan was unveiled today. Methinks I'm going to be broke for the foreseeable future. The really annoying thing about this whole situation is my own mother has been predicting it for years. She's a school teacher! Why couldn't the people with actual power see this coming? Idiots.

Fun fact: Brian Cowen is the world's fourth highest-paid head of government. He earns more than both Barack Obama and David Cameron.
diricawl Posted - 11/24/2010 : 15:00:42
How is everyone taking the fact that the UK paid £7 billion to keep Ireland afloat? Which coincidentally is the exact amount "saved" by the savage cuts in government spending endured by us poor Brits this year. And the amount paid by UK bankers in bonuses last February.

Slainte and raise a jar to the future, eh?

Or if that gets you down, we could always worry about Korea instead...

Luv ya all! Still haven't seen the movie (out of cash), but may see it next week.
Siobhan Posted - 11/23/2010 : 19:53:59

This is not my day. I have now attempted to type a review of DH and have accidentally deleted it twice!!!!!!!!!!! Along with the entire HBP/DH movie board. Sorry.

Liked the movie better than the book-- better paced.
They cut the movie with Voldemort taking the Elder Wand, and the trio Dobby's burial.

More later.
gimu Posted - 11/23/2010 : 16:45:09
Hi all! Long time no see - have been half way round the world on my broomstick since last I called!
Bee - yes tell me about our stoopid government. Seriously sick of listening to them. I just want to know what will be in my pay cheque in December (and how many more tax bills they are going to throw at me). BTW are you listening to Marty in the Morning on LyricFM. He is seriously the best cure - no R word on his show. He makes fun of it all - plus a great music selection.
I really love his optimism.
I went to see DH1 last night - it was ok. One guy at work had talked it up, so I was expecting highly, so it was slightly disappointing. I felt that the movie didn't quite move enough at times. I can't quite put my finger on what it was - perhaps it was the soundtrack.
I hope you are all doing well since. Love, gimu

Siobhan Posted - 11/22/2010 : 23:28:54
Sorry to hear about the mess there, Bee. Glad to hear you saw DH, though.
We're going to see the movie tomorrow afternoon.
Bee Posted - 11/22/2010 : 13:03:32
It seems our government has just followed our economy and fallen apart. Huzzah!

But no matter, because I'm going to see HP tonight!

ETA: Saw it, and it was AWESOME.
Siobhan Posted - 11/19/2010 : 14:44:27
Ah how comfortable the tea shop is!!!! I always enjoyed this place.

*takes a cuppa and settles down by the fire to knit.*
Theowyn Posted - 11/19/2010 : 13:00:41
*wanders in, grabs a cauldron cake and pours a cup of tea

Thanks Slushy!

I alas will not be going until tomorrow night, but I don't mind spoilers in the least, so those of you going early, do tell.

*settles into the corner of favorite sofa to await the early reviews
Slushy Posted - 11/19/2010 : 12:23:19
*shuffles into teashop*

*polishes tables, places fresh flowers in vases, puffs cushions, and straightens chairs*

*stokes fire*

*sets out butterbeer, pumpkin juice, and assorted teas*

*lays out heaping plates of cauldron cakes, treacle tart, and other yummies in preparation for the after-DH film party.*

*carefully places a small silver-framed picture of Dobby on the mantle*

*hurries off to get ready for the 6:20 pm show*
Siobhan Posted - 11/19/2010 : 08:52:46
Is anyone going to a midnight showing?

I think we will be waiting until the crowd has thinned down some. Then again, I don't know how long we'll be able to wait.
JKRisSuperior Posted - 11/18/2010 : 21:36:50
2 hours and 24 minutes!
JKRisSuperior Posted - 11/18/2010 : 11:26:32
12 hours and 34 minutes left! Is anyone going to the midnight premiere?
JKRisSuperior Posted - 11/15/2010 : 10:25:56
I'll have to get that cookbook too!
Siobhan Posted - 11/15/2010 : 08:18:29
5 more days!

Bought a wonderful book last night at Barnes and Noble. Harry potter Film Wizardry is probably as close as I'll come to seeing the exhibit (now in Seattle at the Pacific Science Center). Check it out!
Also available is a cookbook-- yes, pumpkin juice, treacle fudge, pumkin pasties are all in there. I'll let you know if the recipes I try are truly tasty or if they are only so-so.
Siobhan Posted - 11/12/2010 : 19:17:32
Her thoughts as of this morning are mostly positive. She did not like Remus and Tonks dying, but she hasn't really thought about it on the level of "was it necessary." I'm not sure she's to the point of applying critical thinking to it yet. I'll let her stew over it for a while and then ask her some questions. She already knows my (and Husband's) views on DH, so I don't want her to feel she's being criticised for not agreeing with us. Perhaps its that age/experience makes a differnce?....
Theowyn Posted - 11/12/2010 : 12:52:18
8 days to go!

Yes Siobhan, DH is not a pleasant book. I can't wait to hear your daughter's thoughts once she is finished with DH and has had a chance to mull it over. I'm also really looking forward to seeing what changes they make in the movie.
Siobhan Posted - 11/11/2010 : 11:15:09
9 days to go!

Daughter is almost finished with DH. She just finished up with Snape's memories. Last week while watching TV we saw a trailer featuring Dobby. Daughter was very quiet when she told me the trio was at Shell Cottage.
JKRisSuperior Posted - 11/09/2010 : 09:32:22
11 days left!

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