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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Siobhan Posted - 06/11/2006 : 18:57:21
Let me know if you need any help. I'm learning all of this too, but I'll do my best to be of assistance.

The FAQ's (the link is at the upper right of the page) are fairly thorough.
30   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Siobhan Posted - 02/04/2009 : 11:47:14
There! I hope that is a little easier to read. The red on the orchid pink was hard to see. And I like the chocolate brown-- yum, yum! (she said in a very sticky voice )
JKRisSuperior Posted - 02/03/2009 : 21:43:31
I like it!
Siobhan Posted - 02/03/2009 : 17:09:19
Thought I'd let you know there are changes in the colours for Valentines Day upcoming. Mad-Eye's wand got a little anxious and, well, the background and icon are in place, but all the other colour changes still need to be made. It is currently 5pm on my Date Night, so changes will happen sometime tomorrow. Just hang in there. Thought this year it would be nice to do a tribute to Gilderoy!
Siobhan Posted - 09/27/2008 : 16:58:59
Nope, but I'll let Mad-Eye know. We don't currently have spellcheck either-- not that it's a great help.
sunsethill Posted - 09/27/2008 : 16:37:44
For some reason, when I click on the little arrow next to the "last entry" notation for the various forums, I'm taken to the first page of that topic rather than the last. This isn't a great problem, but it does mean a couple of extra clicks of the mouse. Is anyone else having this problem? I also still can't get my user icon to come back, so it may just be something weird with my ancient computer. Any ideas of what might be causing this, Siobhan?
Siobhan Posted - 09/06/2008 : 19:13:34
Yup. Just got a bit of rain. Didn't even have a power blip. Not bad for a dress rehearsal. Now that everyone has their supplies and evacuation routes lined up they will be ready for the next time.
AMC Posted - 09/06/2008 : 00:17:05
8pm and it's still 70 mph moving NNW at 20mph - still a Tropical storm, so that's good all around. The good news is that a fast-moving storm won't dump as much rain as a slow-moving one. Ike is looking like one scary storm, hoping it dies down a bit.
Siobhan Posted - 09/05/2008 : 14:40:02
It's still just a tropical storm. I'll have to check again soon, though. The sustained winds had increased. The sporadic rain we're getting now is from feeder bands most likely.

2pm update had winds at 70 mph, storm movement at 20mph NW. A marine buoy has pressure dropping. Sounds like a stormy night, but nothing like hurricane Hugo.

5pm update has turned the storm to North Carolina. In short, they don't really know where it is going to go, just that it will be rainy and messy.
Theowyn Posted - 09/05/2008 : 14:32:32
Oh dear. That does not sound good.
Siobhan Posted - 09/05/2008 : 14:13:53
Nope. It's raining here now. Last I heard the projected path had been shifted to roughly east of our house.
AMC Posted - 09/05/2008 : 14:11:18
Hope Hannah misses you entirely Siobhan - Ike too!!!
Theowyn Posted - 09/05/2008 : 12:15:29
Just stay safe, Siobhan! The server is the last thing you need to worry about.
Siobhan Posted - 09/05/2008 : 10:20:09
Hi guys, just a friendly reminder that Tropical Storm Hannah is expected to make landfall (north of us) tonight. I don't expect problems, but should the power go out, our server has only one hour of battery backup. Sooooo, should you attempt to login and we are not here, it should not be too surprising.
Starling Posted - 07/14/2008 : 12:03:00
Move the server over here. It's drizzly and cold, but at least it's harmless.
sunsethill Posted - 07/10/2008 : 07:42:05
Thanks for letting us know. We will hope for a terribly boring summer season for y'all.
Siobhan Posted - 07/09/2008 : 13:22:19
Hey all! Thought I'd mention that since we've hit our true summertime weather (hot, humid, daily afternoon thunder/lightning storms) we may be down from time to time. We experience frequent power outages from the storms and from overloaded systems. Most last only a few seconds to a few minutes, but occasionally longer.

The server is on a battery backup, but that lasts only 20 minutes-- great for those blips but not the lengthy outs. Last time we went down it was because the fuse on the electric pole blew. All the offices in the complex were without power but because it was a weekend, no one else noticed. The electric company was less than happy to be of help. They recommended telling everyone to turn off their AC units after arguing with Mad-Eye as to whether the power was actually out-- he was standing in a dark office with nothing electrical working and the problem was not a circuit breaker. If they hadn't been rude about it I could easily make allowances.

So... if you try to log on and cannot find us, wait a bit and try again. It may be a simple thing. If there is a more lengthy problem and I am able, I will post over at Diagon Alley. Hurricanes I cannot do much about. In the event of a storm, I will post as late as I can, and then we may be down for a while. I might even try a bulk emailing depending on how much time I have.

Keep your fingers crossed that this year will be uneventful.
Siobhan Posted - 06/05/2008 : 12:29:44
I don't know what's happened, sunset. The avatar thing must have been broken in our last battle with the spammers. I'll mention it to Mad-Eye and see what he thinks. Anybody else having troubles with their avatar?
sunsethill Posted - 06/04/2008 : 18:17:42
My Hufflepuff Avatar has disappeared or is not showing up on my computer. I tried to reselect it and still don't see it. Is it a problem on my computer do you think, Siobhan, or on the site?
Siobhan Posted - 07/11/2007 : 11:51:02
Originally posted by Theowyn

Hi! Why is the HBP thread locked?

Oooops! Must have an overexcited mouse thumb. Sorry! I've unlocked it.
Theowyn Posted - 07/10/2007 : 22:37:00
Hi! Why is the HBP thread locked?
Siobhan Posted - 07/05/2007 : 23:15:00
I suppose this is not so much "urgent" as it is an announcement (for anyone who missed my post at Diagon Alley).

Sorry, we were down for most of the day today. The server decided to kick the bucket this morning. Mad-Eye managed a day's worth of client appointments plus rebuilding the system and had us back by around 9pm.

I fully attribute this problem to Lord Thingy. Just glad it happened now rather than two weeks from now.

Any announcements when there are problems here will go up at
Diagon Alley:
Theowyn Posted - 06/04/2007 : 12:02:33
Siobhan Posted - 06/04/2007 : 11:48:12
That's it. She went back and changed the name of the author she was mentioning to his full name rather than his first name. I wondered too.
Never fear though, I've posted again!
n/a Posted - 06/04/2007 : 11:09:48
Eeyore might have edited a previous post. Whenever a user edits a post, the board bumps its postition to the time of the edit. (Spoken from experience by someone who can't type, therefore edits a lot!)
Theowyn Posted - 06/04/2007 : 11:00:33
Quick question. On the HPCS discussion thread, I see that the last post was from Eeyore on 6/4, but I can't find her post anywhere. Any idea why?

Thanks, Theo
Siobhan Posted - 04/16/2007 : 10:27:52
Not sure if anyone noticed or not, but we were down last night for a short while. Mad-Eye went and kicked the server and it seems to be fine. Probably just the weather causing trouble. We've had high winds that may have made the power blink while the server was in the middle of an update. At any rate it didn't reboot like it was supposed to.
JKRisSuperior Posted - 02/15/2007 : 22:59:55
I agree, it looks good.
Newguise Posted - 02/15/2007 : 12:55:00
Looks good Diri

Siobhan Posted - 02/15/2007 : 10:28:27
Don't know diri, I'll have to ask Mad-Eye when he gets back in the office.
diricawl Posted - 02/15/2007 : 04:55:02
Siobhan, I am still having avatar issues, I'm afraid.

I've found a JKR headshot that almost works, so I downloaded it onto my computer and cropped it square in the hope that it would fit. Now I've tried to upload it onto the forum and it's saying that it can't find the upload path. What have I done wrong?

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