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 Who will you kiss v.2.0?

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Antispam question: Who is the Hogwarts groundskeeper?
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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Siobhan Posted - 07/27/2007 : 15:43:14
Same game just a new list. Who should be added and who should be replaced?

0. Hedwig
1. Harry/Ginny
2. Ron/Padma
3. Dumbledore/Auntie Muriel
4. Lockhart/Tonks
5. Mollywobbles/Arthur
6. Hermione/Percy the Redeemed
7. Prongs/Prongs in fishnet stockings
8. Lucius Malfoy/Sirius's mother
9. McGonnagal/Xenophilius Lovegood
10. Draco Malfoy/Sirius's father's pants
11. Kreacher/Winky
12. Olivander
13. Griphook
14. Aberforth/Madam Rosemerta
15. Dean Thomas
16. Seamus
17. Neville
18. Parvati/Lee Jordan
19. Lavender/Scorpius
20. Grawp
21. Hagrid/Madam Maxime
22. Norbert the dragon/Norberta
23. Oliver Wood
24. Dobby
25. Voldemort/Old Mouldyshorts
26. Moony/Moony with a pink feather boa
27. Mad-Eye Moody/Mad-Eye Moody with Roman hands
28. Padfoot/Padfoot in a little black dress
29. Peter Pettigrew/Peter Pettigrew in a basque
30. Snape/Narcissa
31. Ariana/Lily
32. Rita Skeeter/Inferi
33. Gringotts' Blind Dragon
34. Madam Pince/Argus Filch
35. Horace Slughorn
36. Fred/Angelina
37. George/George's ear
38. Charley Weasley/Mrs. Norris
39. Bill Weasley
40. Fleur/Hogwarts suit of armor
41. Teddy Lupin/Victoire
42. Pansy Parkinson/Crabbe
43. Sir Cadogan/the Fat Lady
44. Peeves
45. The Bloody Baron
46. Nearly Headless Nick
47. The Grey Lady
48. Crumple Horned Snorkack
49. Colin Creevy/Luna Lovegood
50. Bathilda Bagshot/Elphias Doge
51. Nagini
52. Dawlish/Cho Chang
53. Victor Krum
54. Fudge/Scrimegeour
55. Umbridge/Pius Thicknesse
56. MacNair/Bellatrix
57. Kingsley Shacklebolt
58. Stan Shunpike
59. The basilisk

As the list stands now, I got Aberforth. Hmmm. Rather goaty.
30   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Bee Posted - 09/07/2008 : 15:04:40
If you're tired of Charlie Weasley, I'd be happy to take him off your hands.

Alas, a Hogwarts suit of armour. Maybe Charlie's in it?
Siobhan Posted - 09/07/2008 : 12:19:38
Huh. I'm tired of Charlie Weasley. Let's see what disasters can occur today.

OK maybe I'm not that tired of Charlie-- he's obviously not tired of me!
Siobhan Posted - 08/12/2008 : 19:06:38
HA! Padfoot would have enjoyed that joke!

Right on cue that singed hunk of Weasley pops in for a smooch!
n/a Posted - 08/12/2008 : 18:12:35
Speaking of dragons, we haven't seen Charlie Weasley lately.

Nuts ... Horace Slughorn. If I'd waited one more second, I'd have been into Weasley territory. *pats Horace on the head*

Ha, I just got another star! I guess kissing Horace makes one "barking" mad. Too bad it wasn't Padfoot!
Siobhan Posted - 08/12/2008 : 11:42:15
I so want to get away from Gringotts I'm giving it another go.

Dean Thomas is back to rescue me from the goblins!
Bee Posted - 08/07/2008 : 17:03:52
Haha, the Gringott's dragon is getting an awful lot of action today.

However, I get the super exciting choice of either Dawlish or Cho...

Didn't Dawlish get pwned by Neville's grandmother? *gives his confunded self a quick peck on the cheek*
n/a Posted - 08/07/2008 : 15:09:16
*do over*

Seamus will do nicely!
n/a Posted - 08/07/2008 : 15:07:33
That Fred is awfully frisky lately -- George can't be far behind.

Nuts. It's the Gringotts Dragon again. Shoo! Go away!

Siobhan Posted - 08/07/2008 : 13:31:33
Come on baby, Baby needs a new pair of shoes!
On second thought perhaps that should be lips after all that goblin kissing....

Definitely time for new lips. I've just kissed the Gringott's dragon!
Bee Posted - 08/07/2008 : 10:09:36
I wonder if I'll get any more Marauders...

Ohhh, Fred. :(

*bursts into tears*
Siobhan Posted - 08/06/2008 : 16:59:13
Wouldn't hooves do a great deal of damage to fishnet stockings? Though from my experience with the blasted things, they would be more comfortable over hooves.

Hmmm. Griphook again. I knew the ominious thunderclap was a bad sign.
Bee Posted - 08/06/2008 : 10:59:07
Hmm, let's see...

Ooh, I got Prongs! Fishnet stockings optional!

n/a Posted - 08/05/2008 : 16:07:32
We've gone from Bellatrix to the basilisk ... this turn has to be better.

Nope. An inferius or Rita Skeeter. Like a bad penny, she keeps turning up. SMACK!
AMC Posted - 08/05/2008 : 00:00:59
I had a feeling Fred died - you know, that was really unforgiveable of JKR. I think I prefer the pre-DH HP world, so in "my" HPverse the twins both live.

The basilisk???? Well, at least kissing with your eyes closed is somewhat complimentary.

n/a Posted - 08/04/2008 : 18:27:56
Should I or shouldn't I?

MacNair or Bellatrix. Guess I shouldn't have.
Siobhan Posted - 08/04/2008 : 14:45:03
Considering that I read the book through only once over a year ago, I think I'm doing pretty good to remember that much. Besides, one can never tell the twins apart.

Now I'm torn. I don't know which one to kiss, so I'll kiss both Dumbledore and Auntie Muriel. Dumbledore had his faults, and Auntie Muriel was an old bat, but I love them both.
Starling Posted - 08/04/2008 : 12:03:11
Fred died and George lost his ear. *tuts at Siobhan for not knowing*

*kisses Kreacher on the ear*
Siobhan Posted - 08/04/2008 : 11:51:13
Nope, George died. In fact if you'd waited just a second to post you would have had the choice between George and his ear.

As a matter of fact, George's ear looks like a much better deal than I just got-- Griphook. I'm trying to find a good reason to kiss him. I guess helping Harry to get into Gringotts will have to do.
AMC Posted - 08/03/2008 : 23:46:36
Pixie, it seems like Jo made the most attractive men werewolves so - no, I wouldn't worry.

Fred! You're not a werewolf but you'll do! Oh heck - it's been a while and I've forgotten, is Fred dead at the end of DH? If so, I'm missing HBP-era Fred, necrophilia not being my thing.

n/a Posted - 08/03/2008 : 19:40:39
I had two glasses of merlot with supper and now I'm looking for someone to kiss ...

Score!!! Bill Weasley!!! WooHoo!

(I seem to attract werewolves lately. Should that worry me?)
Emmmma Posted - 08/03/2008 : 19:17:34
I didn't try this in a while so letsseee..

eeck! madam pince or filch!
gack.. this is sure to keep me awake tonight..
Starling Posted - 08/03/2008 : 16:57:12
*swans in*

*gives Olivander a peck on the cheek*

*swans out*
Theowyn Posted - 08/01/2008 : 13:44:29
Oh no, Siobhan, no would would ever expect you to call Snape a hottie.

As for compassion being torture for Severus... I can live with that. It beats him thinking that no one cares.

Now when it comes to Pettigrew, he definitely needs to know that no one cares.

Siobhan Posted - 08/01/2008 : 11:14:38
Well, poooh! I keep getting unsavoury characters and everyone else is raking in the hotties.
*bet no one thought they'd ever hear that term applied to Snape!*

Well, I got a better guy this time, Charlie Weasley!!!
AMC Posted - 07/31/2008 : 17:45:42
Originally posted by Pesky Pixie

Yeah, Snape seems like the kind of guy who really enjoys hugs and kisses ... (I rather think he'd prefer the smack. Or whip, or whatever ... )

So.. Theo's really torturing him then? I kind of like that!

Pansy or Crabbe? *Gives Pansy and smooch and goes back to Viktor* No one's taken him from me yet and given the site's posting volume, I'd guess that means so he's allll mine for a while... *sigh*

Starling Posted - 07/31/2008 : 15:41:40

Teddy Lupin.


n/a Posted - 07/31/2008 : 13:25:58
Yeah, Snape seems like the kind of guy who really enjoys hugs and kisses ... (I rather think he'd prefer the smack. Or whip, or whatever ... )

*snort* Stan Shunpike. It think that might be his first kiss! Oh well, if Snape can get a kiss, so can Stan. But first, a little bit of Madam Pomfrey's bubotuber potion. There. Happy Conducting!

Theowyn Posted - 07/31/2008 : 12:22:30
Ah Severus. A kiss and a heartfelt hug for our irrascible Potions Master.
Siobhan Posted - 07/31/2008 : 12:09:25
You may end up with extra parts if you kissed and inferi, but what would you be missing after kissing Rita? I know she's not a dementor, but she's really not far off. What would TMZ do if they had her???

Voldemort, huh? Nothing doing! He gets number 4 combination from me (it involves a take-down, a couple of kicks, and a few punches resulting in several broken bones and a thorough butt whupin')!
AMC Posted - 07/30/2008 : 18:51:53
Oh I'd pick Rita over an Inferi! I have a feeling you might end up keeping a pair of lips or some stray skin if you kissed the latter.


I knew there was some reason I played this game!

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