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T O P I C    R E V I E W
JKRisSuperior Posted - 06/15/2006 : 15:30:31
I have a few things to say.

Today, my hair smells of watermelon

I was nearly defeated last night by a mad worm called Ralph

My sister and her idiot friends have popped my football.

Does life get any better than this?

Non of the above is true, but I thought I'd recreate this topic with the first lines from the very first AFTTS Eavesdroppers started on the old banana boards.

30   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
JKRisSuperior Posted - 11/01/2010 : 09:14:30
Hello, and welcome back, Jewlz!
Jewlz Posted - 10/30/2010 : 23:27:24
Just popping in to say hi! Hope everyone is well, wow it's been way to long since I last visited this site. Congrats on the undergrad Cour, where to now?
Bee Posted - 05/01/2010 : 09:16:09
Yay, congrats Cour!
diricawl Posted - 04/29/2010 : 15:19:22
Great news Cour!
Theowyn Posted - 04/29/2010 : 12:34:14
Congratulations, Cour! That's terrific!
JKRisSuperior Posted - 04/28/2010 : 11:20:42
Siobhan Posted - 04/28/2010 : 10:27:18
Congratulations, Cour!!!
Cour_Delafleur Posted - 04/27/2010 : 22:28:21

None of my housemates are yet and they don't appreciate my celebrating while they're still studying for exams.


I'm pretty sure when I joined HPG I was still in middle school. Wow.
Siobhan Posted - 11/24/2009 : 22:45:48
Things not being in your own hands makes it ten times worse. Waiting around and not knowing is very difficult. Just keep going as best you can. At least you have five months to come up with an alternate plan.
Cour_Delafleur Posted - 11/24/2009 : 12:07:45
I applied to graduate today. Scary stuff. I'm starting to freak out about the future. I'll have a university degree in five months - but so what? I know what I want to do next year (law school), but I have no back-up plan and that scares me a lot. And I probably won't know whether I'll be accepted until June. I'm someone who likes to plan things ten steps ahead, and it's the first time in my life I haven't been able to do that.
Cour_Delafleur Posted - 09/12/2009 : 22:30:16
I fulfilled a life-long dream (well... since I was around 14, so a seven-year-long dream) last night. I saw Our Lady Peace in concert. They were headlining the frosh concert and they sold tickets to the upper-years. Not only did we have seats in the seventh row, but our section was so rowdy that Raine Maida came out into our section for the last song - to the row behind me. Unbelievable.

In other news... I write the LSATs in two weeks. GAH I'm scared.
Bee Posted - 04/18/2009 : 18:57:25
I don't really understand the media frenzy. That opera dude who won a few years ago wasn't exactly a looker either. I've only ever caught one or two episodes of Britain's Got Talent, but I thought that's what it was all about - providing a platform for talented people who otherwise wouldn't have a shot in the entertainment business because either their talent or they themselves are deemed unconventional or unmarketable. I'm probably looking at it wrong, and the surprise is in the fact that she got the "deluded loser" edit so beloved of these programmes, and then she turned out to be really good. There's no way they plonked her on stage without a pre-audition, so I'm sure the whole thing was manipulated and edited for maximum effect, which is par for the course for these types of programmes, so again I don't see the big deal. She has a lovely voice though.

Clearly I'm not watching enough reality TV these days. :)
diricawl Posted - 04/18/2009 : 14:34:02
Wow. I hate to say this but when I saw her in the papers this morning I was certain she was a guy in drag.
Cour_Delafleur Posted - 04/18/2009 : 13:06:21
For anybody who hasn't seen Susan Boyle.

My jaw actually dropped.
Theowyn Posted - 03/12/2009 : 11:30:59
Originally posted by JKRisSuperior

Where is AMC's quote from, Starling? I couldn't find it looking back.

Back when the U.S. first invaded Iraq in March '03, I recall we did have some terrible fighting going on. I think the death of Christina a few months earlier, as well as Rames's announcement in February '03 we were moving from the banana board to the first installment of the yo-yo board helped to fuel our civil war. There was too much going on, and too much controversy over invading Iraq.

As bad as that was, though, I think it was also cathartic. Everyone was hurting - whether in the US or abroad - and we needed a place to express all that intense emotion. What I found really encouraging is that it didn't blow up the board completely. People would vent their anger and frustration, but then they'd be back the next day and do it all over again. Most of us hung in there and worked through the conflict.
Siobhan Posted - 03/11/2009 : 18:56:48
It is in response to a post from dobbygirl on 6/19/2006:
Originally posted by dobbygirl

Oh my gosh, I had the weirdest dream last night! I dreamed that the other HPG board came back up and this big online war broke out between the two boards. It was all very surreal. For a few seconds after I woke up I thought it had really happened.

JKRisSuperior Posted - 03/11/2009 : 14:26:58
Where is AMC's quote from, Starling? I couldn't find it looking back.

Back when the U.S. first invaded Iraq in March '03, I recall we did have some terrible fighting going on. I think the death of Christina a few months earlier, as well as Rames's announcement in February '03 we were moving from the banana board to the first installment of the yo-yo board helped to fuel our civil war. There was too much going on, and too much controversy over invading Iraq.
Starling Posted - 03/11/2009 : 14:17:44
Originally posted by AMC

Were we ferocious in our fighting? Lots of big, nasty words going back and forth? Somehow I cannot envision a truly vicious fight with HPG people - we're all so civilized.

We are? Did I miss the memo?
Theowyn Posted - 03/09/2009 : 11:57:25
So glad the exam went well, Cour, and I hope you're feeling better. Econometrics actually sounds sort of cool, but then I was a math major in school and have a thing for numbers.
sunsethill Posted - 03/07/2009 : 16:49:47
Glad the test went well.
Cour_Delafleur Posted - 03/06/2009 : 14:42:12
I ended up getting that doctor's note for my Monday exam. I was trying to study on Saturday but the pages I was trying to read were moving like a curtain (I have a really weird reaction to decongestants) so I took it as a sign that I was too sick to write my exam. I wrote it this morning instead. It actually went well - which sort of shocked me because it is possibly the most ridiculous subject ever conceived - Econometrics. Calculus, statistics, and linear algebra all rolled into one, combined with economic intution - just for fun. It's the kind of stuff that would have given me nightmares a few years ago.

And no sleeping in this morning. I set three alarms and one of my housemates started pounding on my door at 8 to make sure I was awake.
sunsethill Posted - 03/05/2009 : 12:00:15
Yikes! That is one of my three or four guaranteed nightmare topics. I don't know why 35 years after being out of college I still have bad dreams like this, but even though I never actually did this like you did, Cour, I can still wake up in a sweat. Glad you were able to actually do the test.
Bee Posted - 03/02/2009 : 17:16:10
Oh no, poor Cour! I was always afraid that was going to happen to me when I was in college. I'm glad it worked out okay for you though. Hope today went well and that you're feeling better.
Theowyn Posted - 03/02/2009 : 12:56:45
Cour, you poor thing! That is probably every student's worst nightmare! I hope you are feeling better. Let us know how that Monday midterm went.
Cour_Delafleur Posted - 02/28/2009 : 19:49:27
This is becoming more like a birthday board than anything else, so I thought I'd break the trend.

I did something incredibly stupid yesterday - I slept through my midterm. It was at 8:30. I set my alarm for 6 so I could get a little last minute cramming in but I must have turned it off in my sleep and gone back to bed (even through my clock is on the other side of the room) because I woke up at 9:30 - when there was 20 minutes left in the exam. It turned out alright though - I immediately called the undergraduate advisor in my department and asked her what I should do. She said if I could be there in 15 minutes I could write it. So I did. I didn't do as well as I wanted to (I needed the extra two hours that morning) but at least I wrote it. It's a course I'm doing pretty well in so I should be able to make up for what will probably be a low mark on the test, so it's not the end of the world. But, on the other hand, this means I won't do as well as I should given that this is a subject I understand well.

What surprised me most is that I was totally calm and rational during the whole thing. I stared at the clock for about 30 seconds in disbelief and then immediately got on the phone. I was really surprised that they let me write it just like that. I suppose it helped that it happened while the exam was still in progress so they knew I wasn't trying to cheat. I was ready to run to the clinic to turn the sore throat I woke up with into a doctor's note. I wouldn't have even had to lie - it wasn't bad yesterday morning but by last night I was in full-blown flu mode. This isn't good news as I have another midterm on Monday, so I may have to get that doctor's note after all. I keep trying to study but the medicine I'm on is making me sort of high so I can't focus, but if I don't take my medicine I feel too miserable to anything at all. Sorry - I don't mean to whine.
SweetPea Posted - 09/20/2008 : 15:06:22
I just wanted to pop in and say "Hello!" to everyone! I'm sorry I'm not around enough. :( That Daily Harry Potter Fan fiction Blog ;) keeps my limited internet time very limited. I'm teaching now, but just as a sub, I'm waiting for more teachers to retire so I can try to get a permanent position.

I was supposed to see New Kids this weekend, but had to cancel! :(
Cour_Delafleur Posted - 08/12/2008 : 12:58:08
Apparently, Scientists are close to creating a real "Invisibility Cloak"
Veranuem Posted - 03/25/2008 : 21:57:52
It's just, most communities disband eventually- you guys are all so resilient! And you remembered me! 0_o Weird. I've been here-
It looks like an anime site on first glance, but it's not at all, it's a community. It's awesome, you should join or something. :D
Bee Posted - 03/25/2008 : 17:00:39

And yes, we're still here. There's just no stopping us.
Veranuem Posted - 03/25/2008 : 14:17:24
You all are still here XD

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